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Shark Tank Blog – August

August 23rd, 2010 | Posted by Christine in Shark Tank Blog - (0 Comments)

This summer has been brutal.  Heat, humidity, rain, more heat, no rain – yuck.  Customers have been MIA, unless you’re working with Air Conditioning or a vacation destination.  People are spending money again on themselves and their needs.

Something  business people can be thankful for – the economy has settled down – at least a little bit.

Summer is almost over so let’s talk about Fall – and how it correlates to a business cycle.

Fall is a mature product, or a core promotion.  Something that is a stable part of your marketing mix.  This is the 80/20 rule!  Most of your business is coming from a small group of customers.  They are the customers who know you, your products and services.  This is where you can really put your profits into overdrive.

We all know it’s easy it is to forget about these customers – that is until they begin to defect to your competition.

Idea #1 – Special promotions for your loyal customers.  Many business owners spend so much time, money and energy trying to get people to buy from them the first time.  Once they are your customer you can redirect some marketing money to keeping them happy, and making them buy again.  Pure Profit!

Idea #2 – People love something for nothing – give them free information – preferably “insider information.”  Give them the feeling of being in the know.  That’s where you can use articles, whitepapers, sales and hot insider how-to information.

Not that I’ve given you an extensive list – these are just a couple of marketing ideas.  Every business is unique so if you are  considering new promotions contact us.

Just a quick update to this blog post – I’ve been inundated with spam messages on this blog post so I’m going to close the comments. I like to hear from my readers (actual people please), but I’m going to have to add some spam filters to the entire blog.


Today’s shark tank marketing blog message… Don’t let your kid design your marketing please.

When your website or your marketing collateral looks like your local high school AV team put it together it’s bad and ineffective.

This came about when I saw a website in my business development travels that looked like my 13 year old put it together. It was TERRIBLE, but the owner just raved about it. When I asked her how much traffic it generated – or if anyone contacted them about work – her deer in the headlights stare said it all.

Everyone knows they should be on the web – but please, please don’t let your design look like a kid put it together.

With all the graphic design programs (standard on your home computer) anyone can put together a marketing piece. Sorry to say small business owners are the biggest offenders. Canned art from Microsoft doesn’t cut it any more. You message must say competent, exclusive and sought after. Stop being another me-too company, stand out and be seen.

Your audience expects sophistication, clean graphics, quick website load times, and other bling with your marketing message. With the click of a mouse a small business can access great art, website design and print materials. The prospect is judging you every time you walk in front of them. And believe me the competitors dying for their dollars.

Give yourself the added advantage of expert marketing help, whether it’s on the web or in print. A prospect is willing to pay a little extra to the company who puts time and effort into their marketing. Sexy advertising pieces are cosmetics for your company.

Remember your marketing message is your sales force – automated and on virtual steroids. Well designed marketing is an Armani suit, and the fancy foreign car.

Now think what does your current marketing say about you and your company?

Toss time line – if your marketing pieces are older than 12-18 months it’s time to recycle them. Everyone you have contacted has seen them. Studies have proven you need to reach your prospect a minimum of 5 times to get a decent response to a marketing campaign. That doesn’t mean you need only expensive 4-color marketing collateral. Rather a drip message every few days by different media will do.

Website – update your text every quarter. Not your mission statement or about us, but the what’s new. You want to give your customers a reason to keep checking back.

E-zines and e-mail marketing. Get the customer’s email and reach out to them – it’s still free and most small business owners don’t use it effectively.

That’s all to say for today (I know terrible grammar)… Remember if you need an objective 3rd party review of your website let conduct a free SEO optimization plan.

As always – contact to discuss your marketing needs. Until next time – watch your tails, and be a big fish in a small pond!


OK folks I’ve been lax trying to keep up with all the next generation Web 2.0 marketing thoughts. I get a headache trying to figure out how many links I should have, how much social networking I should do. It’s enough to make a person crazy.

Then it occurred to me – I don’t need to stay up with the Jones – rater find some top rated talent who is able to handle different items on the web development front. I think I’ve found some great people – now I just need to get them to work. Have a partnership with a new company whose looking to use a new technology to break up leads for industry specific domain names by zip code. Very cool patented technology. Check them out at

Adding some more information to the website soon – give us a ring if you want a free evaluation on your website or webmarketing program.

October 11th update – Thank you blogger poster that let me know about my bug on the website post – I’m closing the comments for this thread. Please read further and if you need to post a comment on other sections I’ll look forward to reading them all.

Market well and have a profitable day!