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Bailey’s Blog – MILK

January 5th, 2011 | Posted by Christine in SMB Marketing Blog - (0 Comments)

I’m changing the formula for writing on the web -  forget AIDA I want you to think of MILK.

When you are creating your social marketing plan you need to stop, look and listen to your prospects/customers.  Think about who will be reading your blog.  What information and message do you want your writing to impress on the web public.

Here’s a big change for social marketing writers – if you have a background in direct marketing, scrap it.   Most copy writers know that AIDA formula – I propose for social marketing you need to think of the MILK formula.

M- stands for medium – Are you sharing your message through blog posts, video message, podcasts, opt-in newsletters, Facebook events?  Where does your customer live, work or look on line.

I – stands for iPhone – Think of the future.  So many people are accessing information via mobile technology make sure that you’re visible to the mobile public as well as your traditional blog readers.

L – stands for Length – Keep your message short and to the point.  Don’t write War and Peace emails/blogs.

K – stands for Keep it going – Encourage your readers to share your information. Make sure you have ways for people to share your message through every type of social media.

Next blog I’ll cover why a social media assistant is a key component to your marketing team.

Social marketing is a dog-eat-dog world…