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My thoughts center around measurement today.

I know we’ve all had a long, cold (and here in Connecticut) snowy winter.  How much snow?  By most people’s estimation – too much, but by skiers estimation not enough… At my house we’ve had about 95 inches of the white stuff.  Which equal the following metrics.  I measure it by paying for 8 driveway plows, but my daughter’s summer vacation is a little shorter this year.  They added another week in June to make up the 5 snow days.  My point?  Everyone measures things differently despite the face we’re still measuring the same thing…results from snow.

When a prospective client contacts me the first order of business is knowing what results they want their marketing to accomplish.  Visibility, sales, email sign ups, SEO, traffic, social dialog… the sky is the limit.  As a former boss and mentor said – you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  You need a goal to shoot for to create a good marketing campaign.  What do you want to measure with your social marketing initiative?

The newest changes to FB fan page administration give us more robust marketing data.  We can see when people are reading posts, or liking our FB page.  (PS – that’s a hint – visit my facebook page and click the like button).  When you need to get interaction – ask a question.  How about posting some pictures or a video.  Use your voice, and make a big noise on the web.

Still small business have a little (or big) of fear of the web.  For example, a small business owner is already overwhelmed by the day-to-day operations.  On social networks the discussion is more frequent, but less sales oriented.  Adding a marketing tactic where they need to manage frequent interaction is not in the cards.  Get in the social game, and start to share some knowledge.

Don’t shy away from using the tools.  Hiring a social marketing consultant to manage some details may be warranted.  Either way plan accordingly – you need to keep up your social discussion thread.   Bottom line – Get a group of loyal followers who want what you offer – and talk to them often.

While I can’t promise specific results I’ve seen business owners double website/social traffic results in only 90 days from a robust social marketing program.  Let’s chat if you’re interested in hearing about driving traffic to your small business by website, social or mobile marketing.  Our services work for clients who want to dominate their local marketplace with underground business marketing.

Here’s to a successful week – market well!


According to a Huffington Post  70% of small business owners have a FB page – read the article.


Today as I was planning my day a thought crossed my mind.

Most people think of Google, Yahoo and Bing as the big dogs, and the place to be seen on the web.  Optimize for those search engines, and you’ll have all the traffic you can handle.  Well that’s only 1/3 right.  Google is the big dog of the search engine world, but you have to factor in Facebook and YouTube into optimization plans, they’re the other most used/searched sites.  This explains why social marketing, and video marketing are so important to maximize your SEO efforts.

Your website needs to be visible to your target market.  Plan to be where the visitors are surfing.  Facebook and YouTube aren’t just for the 20 somethings.  Seems like everyone is joining the social global conversation.  With the smart phone revolution it’s only a matter of time before mobile phone marketing becomes another segment of your marketing mix.

You can’t just set it and forget your social marketing.  Facebook purges information quickly.  YouTube has an equally short shelf life.  People don’t have 15 minutes of fame anymore – now they have a minute and a half video clip. (Anyone remember the Golden Voice guy…Ted Williams?)

Has our attention span gotten shorter?  I’m sorry – what did you say – I forgot what we were talking about.

So thoughts of FREE advice went though my head.

Yesterday I posted a tweet about the one-eyed website designer.  This thought stemmed from a recent email exchange.  A family member asked me to evaluate his  website.  Hey we’re an Italian family so you don’t blow off a family request…so I took a look as the site.

The site was average, lacking HTML keywords, and stuffed with slick graphic elements.  Funny thing about the website – big promise -  he was an SEO expert.  He claimed he would put together websites for his clients that “reached the first page of Google.”  Why would he want a second opinion from a fellow marketer like me?

Because he wasn’t a website designer, nor an SEO expert.  He was a business person who purchase a franchise in a box, and really didn’t know what he was doing.

I’m all for new business opportunities, but you should probably know something about the industry you’re planning to join.  Especially if you’re going to call yourself an “expert.”  That’s a title bestowed upon you, not something you put on yourself.  Heck you’re not Napoleon, you can’t crown yourself emperor.  When you get a gut reaction your adviser is full of BS…run for the hills.

As my grandfather said – free advice is worth the money you’ve paid for it.

Have a good week and market well-

P.S. – Keep those comments coming, and as I said before if you have a project you want me to evaluate please contact me. I’m evaluating a few new social marketing products and services to launch soon.


You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.
Henry D. Thoreau


A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
Francis Bacon