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Today’s thought – Stop being a victim and choose to be the victor.

Let your life become a testimony to what you have to offer to people.  You will succeed when your personal mission, and your passions line up.  Give 100% of yourself to the mission of your life.  People will respond.

Go deep and become a master of your own destiny.

You will know that you’ve reached your mission when you wake up in the morning and say – YES!  You have a gut feeling you’re on the right path.  You know what you have to offer is great.  Because you’re offering a piece of yourself to everyone you meet.

Why settle for others dreams and destiny? They may be an influential person in your life, but they are not you.  They can’t understand your mind, your dreams and your destiny.  The greatest disservice a person can do is design your life for you.  Only a fool gives their personal power to others to find safety, comfort and approval.

The sad truth – there is so much more you can do and be in life.  You might only currently have 5% of what is rightfully yours.  The other 95% is waiting for you to claim it.  It won’t come knocking on your door – you need to go and find it.

How does this relate to a business?

People who deliver a value to others will be rewarded by success.  This is why it is important to love what you do.  If you are mediocre, or don’t have a passion it shows.  You will offer a substandard product or service.

Your customers will know – they will buy from you once, but never twice.

The smartest business person in the world loves negative feedback.  Without it you don’t know what to fix.

Love your business – your customers will reward you with money.

For my friends – Live with passion, and deliver great service.


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Thoughts about living

March 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Christine in Motivational Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Make your life a mission – not an intermission. (Arnold Glasgow)

This one line really struck a chord in me.  Far too many people act as if they are resting between the act’s of their life.  Either they had a wonderful past, or they live in an amazing someday.

What about today?

Here’s a thought.  I’m going to ask 5 people to join me as a mission to live life in the moment. I’m going to teach 5 people to be web-preneurs over the next 90 days.




Hello All Readers-

This has been a crazy few weeks.  Time seems to fly when your immersed in work.  I don’t need to go into specifics, but let me tell you my head is swimming.  The past few weeks have been a whirl-wind of sales calls.  Most of them amounted into “much ado about nothing.”  Frustrated I began to introspect – what the heck am I doing wrong?

Which leads me to my blog post today.  Talking can be deadly when it comes to sales.  We all know a salesperson who can “sell ice to Eskimo’s.”  I assumed my father was one of those people.  He commanded authority with his facts and figures.  He was a wealth of knowledge about every subject.  Everyone seemed to love him, but he had an average sales career!  After I took off my rose colored glasses I began to examine why.  My father was a schmoozer, but not a closer.  Then I identified this happens to a lot of salespeople.

I identified an average salesperson has two distinct character flaws.  First, they throw around facts, figures, technical terms and acronyms.  Depending on the industry listening to a sales pitch seems like gibberish.  The more complicated the subject, the more gibberish is floated around.

Your average customer doesn’t need to know every technical specifications, or your industry babble. Floating too many facts will make them weary.  The customer assumes you’re trying to hide behind the facts.  The techno-babble will make them throw more questions at you.

Back to my problem – talking about social marketing, blogs, posts, SEO, traffic, conversions, and webpages frighten prospects away.  They only care about more leads, and more business.  Asking a prospect about their website put them on the defensive.  They don’t want to appear out of touch – so they will shut down the conversation, rather than appear naive.

Prospects just care about solving THEIR problem.  A long list of a facts will rarely impress them into buying.  Your job as a salesperson is to identify their most pressing problem first.

P.S. – the last thing most sales hinge on is price.  If your customer is sold, they will always find the money…

Second, average salespeople talk TOO MUCH.  The customer is thinking, they’re talking.  The customer is looking, they’re talking.  The customer is talking, they’re talking over them. The customer is walking out the door, they’re chasing them down talking all the way.

The best advice I ever heard from a manager was ask a question, and then BE QUIET.  The person who speaks first loses. Good sales technique identifies what people really want to know, and how it differs from what you’re telling them.

Bottom line – keep everything simple.  Stop trying to make the sales process complicated.    You can’t talk someone into a sale, but you can sure talk them out of one.  Need a perspective – give your pitch to a person in a “non-sales” environment.   Gauge reactions, listen for their critical questions, wait for the “WOW” look in their eyes.

Have a good week and market well,



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