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I’ve decided!

Every month from now on I’m going to discuss the spiritual side of marketing. Each business is alive – we tend to think of business as a “thing.” But it is truly a living entity – it was conceived from the ethos – brought into being by your work and passion.

So this morning I’m motivated to talk about holding pattern insanity. Doing the same activities, but expecting different results. Now if you’ve built a better mousetrap, and you are waiting for customers to beat down your door, frankly you’ll starve. No one is going to go out of their way to find you. Unless they’re in a state of crisis, and you’re the only person in the universe who can solve the problem. (Doubtful, and if you live in that universe, send me an invitation).

So as this month is coming to a close my the motivational message this month – Arouse yourself from your lethargy. . . it’s later than you think!!!

Today if you want different results – DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY!

To break up the lethargy – for the next 30 days I suggest you take a different route to work, eat at a different restaurant, speak at a networking events. The goal is to notice something around you everyday.  Stop being myopic when it comes to business leads.

You’re going to become an accidental tourist in your life. Speak to a stranger in a check-out line. Ask someone what they do for a living…Ask them for a business card. Be interested in something other than selling yourself.  You will find hundreds of opportunities to meet new prospects.

Give yourself a goal – “for the next 30 days, I will speak with 5 people each day about (my business, products and service) or hand out 5 business cards to people I meet.”  Never assume that people know what you do, you might be surprised. People rarely know how you can help them.

So my next suggestion is going to be controversial – Solve a problem they didn’t know they had. For example – you’re an electrician. You see someone at the local Home Depot struggling to make a decision in the fixture aisle. Start some small talk about electrical problems. Then listen for their problem, such as “My husband is terrible at fixing things…I can’t decide what’s the best fixture for the bathroom, etc.” You know how to solve that, give them a business card, and ask if you can call them to see how the project is going. What could it hurt – they have a problem, you have the solution.

So next month we’re going to discuss follow-up marketing…

Statistics prove that 90% of your networking activities people don’t follow-up. Do you follow-up or forget and put it off till later?  Believe me, later will never come.  You’ll forget, and another opportunity to make a connection is

So you’re going to build your database with connections over the next 30 days and contact them throughout the month of May.

Technical issue alert!
I just found out about a glitch in my RSS feed. If anyone has tried to sign-up for my RSS feed or Mailing list and failed – sorry. It’s a technical glitch on my side. I’m working out the bugs this weekend – hopefully everything will be good on Monday.

Peace & Joy to all my friends celebrating Easter & Passover

As Always – Market Well
Christine Cavaliero
Lady In Red Marketing – Your Spiritual Marketer

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