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Back in the saddle again

November 30th, 2011 | Posted by Christine in Motivational Thoughts - (0 Comments)

For the past few months I’ve been dealing with some MAJOR issues. I know it sounds cliche, but I wasn’t feeling in the mood to do anything big. No heavy lifting, no big plans… Really I just wanted to fall off the face of the earth. That’s what I did – I just closed up shop. I sat on my couch and I licked my emotional wounds. I poured myself into a 9-5 job. I tried to reconcile what happened in 2011 with my expectations. Then one day (very recently) I looked in the mirror. Did you know what was staring back at me???


I really didn’t change too much. My circumstances changed, but I was still the same me. I just felt like playing a game of hide my light. Well folks I’m back.

I’m working feverishly on the Mompreneur project. I want to help women like me tackle everything with a purpose and WIN. Family, business, emotions, support (or lack of), etc. There are hundreds of other things we deal with on a day-to-day basis. The trick come out the other end wiser, stronger and getter off than before. Here’s some other things I learned over the past six months.

No one gets out of this world alive – we all have limited time. How we choose to spend it, and who we choose to spend it with are FULLY in our control.

You control your emotions. No one ever forces you to have emotions.  When you give your emotions away like an ATM machine you lose.  Are you ready to close a few emotional bank accounts in your life?  I know I did.

People have every right to emotions, but you don’t need to use them as a weapon to hurt the people around you. We all get hurt, but when we choose to get up and move away from the flame, that’s when we win.  You need to have healthy boundaries.

The other thing I’ve identified – you can’t do everything alone – it really does take a village. When you need help, ask for it. When you need time alone, just get it done. Don’t let people sway you one way or another.

It’s true – the economy sucks, but you can’t change it on your own.


Look what a bunch of people did sitting on a NYC street – they created momentum. They gave a voice to everyone without a voice. They gave people the right to say – “I’m Mad as HELL and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Well the Mompreneurs out there know – we get by with a little help from our friends.

I’m back, and I’m here to stay MOTIVATED.

You’re going to see some major changes to the website soon – I’m going to focus on my first love – success thinking.  Hope you check back soon.

Warmest Wishes for you to Succeed -



Thought for today…

May 8th, 2011 | Posted by Christine in Motivational Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Dear Readers,

Message for today!

Before you wonder “Am I doing things RIGHT???” ask yourself – Am I doing the right thing…

Do what you love and enjoy and earning a living no longer feels like a job.

What are your goals for this week…

How are you going to make a difference in your business and your life.

What books are you going to read to propel your career forward.

How are you going to make this week different from the last hundred you spent.

That’s this weeks thought -

Are you doing the right thing?

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who reads this blog post.  I love my Mom, she’s an amazing woman, as are my women friends.  I’ve received so many website greetings and e cards.

So how did I thank the wonderful women in my life?  Being a Mom-preneur myself my family knows my focus is on my business.  I sent out all my Mother’s day cards from SendOutCards.  Check them out – great way to make some extra cash.

Live Right and Market Well – Christine



Today’s post is about fishing

Here’s a story.  My grandfather would drag me every summer to a lake in Minnesota.  It was the most GOD-AWFUL experience for a teenage girl.  He would take out the boat early in the morning.  Every once in a while he would grunt and stop the boat.  Hour after hour we would circle the open waters looking for mudflats.  To my casual observation it was hellish – looking back on it – it was brilliant.

Rather than wasting a whole bucket of minnows or worms on worthless feeder fish he was looking for the elusive Walleye – the prized fish from that lake.

So you might be wondering why I’m talking about fishing…

Well – it’s because most people who are struggling with business are fishing in the wrong place.

Struggling business owners spend all of their valuable time fishing for customers in the wrong places.  They use their best bait trying to land any kind of customer.  Then they focus all their attention to get any prospects into their boat.  At the end of the day the results are disappointing.

All the while they ignore the big fish swimming close by.  Sooner or later the average fisherman gives up, and takes up golf.

This is my formula to become a better fisherman…

1) Know your fish

Where does your fish hang out?  Are they local clients hanging out at Chamber events?  Are they businesses on the internet?  Does your business cater to a specific type of business customer, or a consumer.

2) Plan your fishing trip, and be patient

Find out information about the lake.  Don’t throw all your bait (advertising and networking) away at the beginning of the fishing trip.  Put out a feeler line in a spot.  When you get a bite, plan to fish in that same spot until the fish move somewhere else.

3) Bring enough resources

Fisherman are very resourceful.  They bring enough resources to stay out on a lake all day long.  Translated, don’t go out on the lake of business unless you can wait out finding the big fish.  Better to wait until you have the resources, than take short trips back and forth to shore.  You’ll have a better chance finding the real fishing spots, not just the obvious shore fish.

4) Become a better fisherman

Fishing is about patience – I’ve found that many business owners suffer from impatience. They think every fish swimming by will be so enamored with their bait fishing will be easy.  They don’t realize how picky fish are.  You’re target market is looking at bait from a lot of lures.  When you know what tickles your target market’s fancy your bait will be the most attractive.  The only way that happens – know your fish

Are you still struggling planning with your fishing trips?

Last piece of advice don’t assume it’s the equipment.  Smart fisherman won’t buy a bigger boat, or a better lure.  Translated to business – Smart marketing doesn’t need a bigger website, or brand advertising.  Targeted direct marketing maybe the bait you need to find your prize fish.

As my grandfather always said – you won’t get more fish with a bigger boat, but you will feed your family with patience.

So today’s question to ask yourself – are you fishing in the right pond (location) for the right fish (customer) with right bait (marketing/advertising/sales process)?

Shameless plug – if you aren’t sure you’re reaching the right clients contact a marketing professional (such as Lady In Red Marketing) for a second opinion.  Better to work with a professional fisherman than starve.

Until next time – live with passion and market well

Christine Cavaliero
Owner – Lady In Red Marketing


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Hey readers,

I was going to go off on the price of gas, but what is it going to solve? I don’t have any pressure on the oil company, except to drive less. Or create a business where I don’t need to commute 30+ miles to earn a living.

So I’m going to change gears – let’s focus on a positive thing – creating a business that you can manage from your home.  If you work from home you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars every month on gas – Take that Oil Barron!

How much money do you need each and every month.  How would a few thousand dollars a month to change your life?

I love Internet & Information marketing because it’s so powerful. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you I’m an information junkie.  The Internet has proven to be the best thing in my life. I have to say working in the Internet world is wonderful. You can set your own hours, and really manage your own lifestyle.

But… You do have to work!

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen happen time and time again.  People assume the Internet is a set and forget type of business.  That’s 100% wrong.  To be successful you need to work at your business every single day.  Especially in the beginning of a business.  It takes time and effort whether that’s writing a blog post, promoting your name on a social network, or taking a course about  Internet promotion.  That’s the job description of Internet marketing, love working on the net, it doesn’t happen 9-5, Monday through Friday, 50 weeks a year.

Stop waiting for the perfect solution, and pick something you can excel at. I have several mentors in the internet universe. The common theme they say is “follow your passion.” Become the voice of the crowd who loves dogs, support green energy, is an expert in baking, or any other niche markets.  Believe me there are millions of niches in the world.  Follow your passion and you will love what you do for a living.

There are basic marketing rules you need to follow.  Such as knowing your customer, writing compelling copy, having a system to follow-up with prospects.

My current projects are helping two people follow their passion on the web – classic cars, and bridal floral arrangements.

Another thing that I believe in is the “Law of Attraction” – Ask, Believe, (ACT), Receive.  Did you notice that ACT is bold and in red?  That’s because it’s the key component to moving the universe.  You have to act to get results.

So today – decide what your passion is.  What would you do for a living (even if you didn’t get paid)?  Write down a list, but I guess you already know what you’re passion is.  You think about it, you read information about it, and have friends who enjoy the same thing.

I’m working on a passion project of my own – the Mom-Entrepreneur project.  This is something which I hope will help women know their value and translate it into net worth.

So off to writing some compelling copy.

Until we talk again…Live passionately and market well.


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Hey LIR readers…

Just checked out my mashable feed on Facebook. There was an excellent article about 5 jobs startup business owners shouldn’t do themselves.

1) Copywriter
2) Copy Editor
3) Facebook Marketer
4) SEO consultant
5) Email Marketing Specialist

Reading the comments I want to add Mobile Marketing & PPC Marketer.

Here’s a link to Anna Lindlows article on Mashable.

Happy reading…
Christine Cavaliero
Lady In Red Marketing


I’ve decided!

Every month from now on I’m going to discuss the spiritual side of marketing. Each business is alive – we tend to think of business as a “thing.” But it is truly a living entity – it was conceived from the ethos – brought into being by your work and passion.

So this morning I’m motivated to talk about holding pattern insanity. Doing the same activities, but expecting different results. Now if you’ve built a better mousetrap, and you are waiting for customers to beat down your door, frankly you’ll starve. No one is going to go out of their way to find you. Unless they’re in a state of crisis, and you’re the only person in the universe who can solve the problem. (Doubtful, and if you live in that universe, send me an invitation).

So as this month is coming to a close my the motivational message this month – Arouse yourself from your lethargy. . . it’s later than you think!!!

Today if you want different results – DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY!

To break up the lethargy – for the next 30 days I suggest you take a different route to work, eat at a different restaurant, speak at a networking events. The goal is to notice something around you everyday.  Stop being myopic when it comes to business leads.

You’re going to become an accidental tourist in your life. Speak to a stranger in a check-out line. Ask someone what they do for a living…Ask them for a business card. Be interested in something other than selling yourself.  You will find hundreds of opportunities to meet new prospects.

Give yourself a goal – “for the next 30 days, I will speak with 5 people each day about (my business, products and service) or hand out 5 business cards to people I meet.”  Never assume that people know what you do, you might be surprised. People rarely know how you can help them.

So my next suggestion is going to be controversial – Solve a problem they didn’t know they had. For example – you’re an electrician. You see someone at the local Home Depot struggling to make a decision in the fixture aisle. Start some small talk about electrical problems. Then listen for their problem, such as “My husband is terrible at fixing things…I can’t decide what’s the best fixture for the bathroom, etc.” You know how to solve that, give them a business card, and ask if you can call them to see how the project is going. What could it hurt – they have a problem, you have the solution.

So next month we’re going to discuss follow-up marketing…

Statistics prove that 90% of your networking activities people don’t follow-up. Do you follow-up or forget and put it off till later?  Believe me, later will never come.  You’ll forget, and another opportunity to make a connection is

So you’re going to build your database with connections over the next 30 days and contact them throughout the month of May.

Technical issue alert!
I just found out about a glitch in my RSS feed. If anyone has tried to sign-up for my RSS feed or Mailing list and failed – sorry. It’s a technical glitch on my side. I’m working out the bugs this weekend – hopefully everything will be good on Monday.

Peace & Joy to all my friends celebrating Easter & Passover

As Always – Market Well
Christine Cavaliero
Lady In Red Marketing – Your Spiritual Marketer

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Today’s thought – Stop being a victim and choose to be the victor.

Let your life become a testimony to what you have to offer to people.  You will succeed when your personal mission, and your passions line up.  Give 100% of yourself to the mission of your life.  People will respond.

Go deep and become a master of your own destiny.

You will know that you’ve reached your mission when you wake up in the morning and say – YES!  You have a gut feeling you’re on the right path.  You know what you have to offer is great.  Because you’re offering a piece of yourself to everyone you meet.

Why settle for others dreams and destiny? They may be an influential person in your life, but they are not you.  They can’t understand your mind, your dreams and your destiny.  The greatest disservice a person can do is design your life for you.  Only a fool gives their personal power to others to find safety, comfort and approval.

The sad truth – there is so much more you can do and be in life.  You might only currently have 5% of what is rightfully yours.  The other 95% is waiting for you to claim it.  It won’t come knocking on your door – you need to go and find it.

How does this relate to a business?

People who deliver a value to others will be rewarded by success.  This is why it is important to love what you do.  If you are mediocre, or don’t have a passion it shows.  You will offer a substandard product or service.

Your customers will know – they will buy from you once, but never twice.

The smartest business person in the world loves negative feedback.  Without it you don’t know what to fix.

Love your business – your customers will reward you with money.

For my friends – Live with passion, and deliver great service.


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Thoughts about living

March 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Christine in Motivational Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Make your life a mission – not an intermission. (Arnold Glasgow)

This one line really struck a chord in me.  Far too many people act as if they are resting between the act’s of their life.  Either they had a wonderful past, or they live in an amazing someday.

What about today?

Here’s a thought.  I’m going to ask 5 people to join me as a mission to live life in the moment. I’m going to teach 5 people to be web-preneurs over the next 90 days.




Hello All Readers-

This has been a crazy few weeks.  Time seems to fly when your immersed in work.  I don’t need to go into specifics, but let me tell you my head is swimming.  The past few weeks have been a whirl-wind of sales calls.  Most of them amounted into “much ado about nothing.”  Frustrated I began to introspect – what the heck am I doing wrong?

Which leads me to my blog post today.  Talking can be deadly when it comes to sales.  We all know a salesperson who can “sell ice to Eskimo’s.”  I assumed my father was one of those people.  He commanded authority with his facts and figures.  He was a wealth of knowledge about every subject.  Everyone seemed to love him, but he had an average sales career!  After I took off my rose colored glasses I began to examine why.  My father was a schmoozer, but not a closer.  Then I identified this happens to a lot of salespeople.

I identified an average salesperson has two distinct character flaws.  First, they throw around facts, figures, technical terms and acronyms.  Depending on the industry listening to a sales pitch seems like gibberish.  The more complicated the subject, the more gibberish is floated around.

Your average customer doesn’t need to know every technical specifications, or your industry babble. Floating too many facts will make them weary.  The customer assumes you’re trying to hide behind the facts.  The techno-babble will make them throw more questions at you.

Back to my problem – talking about social marketing, blogs, posts, SEO, traffic, conversions, and webpages frighten prospects away.  They only care about more leads, and more business.  Asking a prospect about their website put them on the defensive.  They don’t want to appear out of touch – so they will shut down the conversation, rather than appear naive.

Prospects just care about solving THEIR problem.  A long list of a facts will rarely impress them into buying.  Your job as a salesperson is to identify their most pressing problem first.

P.S. – the last thing most sales hinge on is price.  If your customer is sold, they will always find the money…

Second, average salespeople talk TOO MUCH.  The customer is thinking, they’re talking.  The customer is looking, they’re talking.  The customer is talking, they’re talking over them. The customer is walking out the door, they’re chasing them down talking all the way.

The best advice I ever heard from a manager was ask a question, and then BE QUIET.  The person who speaks first loses. Good sales technique identifies what people really want to know, and how it differs from what you’re telling them.

Bottom line – keep everything simple.  Stop trying to make the sales process complicated.    You can’t talk someone into a sale, but you can sure talk them out of one.  Need a perspective – give your pitch to a person in a “non-sales” environment.   Gauge reactions, listen for their critical questions, wait for the “WOW” look in their eyes.

Have a good week and market well,



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My thoughts center around measurement today.

I know we’ve all had a long, cold (and here in Connecticut) snowy winter.  How much snow?  By most people’s estimation – too much, but by skiers estimation not enough… At my house we’ve had about 95 inches of the white stuff.  Which equal the following metrics.  I measure it by paying for 8 driveway plows, but my daughter’s summer vacation is a little shorter this year.  They added another week in June to make up the 5 snow days.  My point?  Everyone measures things differently despite the face we’re still measuring the same thing…results from snow.

When a prospective client contacts me the first order of business is knowing what results they want their marketing to accomplish.  Visibility, sales, email sign ups, SEO, traffic, social dialog… the sky is the limit.  As a former boss and mentor said – you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  You need a goal to shoot for to create a good marketing campaign.  What do you want to measure with your social marketing initiative?

The newest changes to FB fan page administration give us more robust marketing data.  We can see when people are reading posts, or liking our FB page.  (PS – that’s a hint – visit my facebook page and click the like button).  When you need to get interaction – ask a question.  How about posting some pictures or a video.  Use your voice, and make a big noise on the web.

Still small business have a little (or big) of fear of the web.  For example, a small business owner is already overwhelmed by the day-to-day operations.  On social networks the discussion is more frequent, but less sales oriented.  Adding a marketing tactic where they need to manage frequent interaction is not in the cards.  Get in the social game, and start to share some knowledge.

Don’t shy away from using the tools.  Hiring a social marketing consultant to manage some details may be warranted.  Either way plan accordingly – you need to keep up your social discussion thread.   Bottom line – Get a group of loyal followers who want what you offer – and talk to them often.

While I can’t promise specific results I’ve seen business owners double website/social traffic results in only 90 days from a robust social marketing program.  Let’s chat if you’re interested in hearing about driving traffic to your small business by website, social or mobile marketing.  Our services work for clients who want to dominate their local marketplace with underground business marketing.

Here’s to a successful week – market well!


According to a Huffington Post  70% of small business owners have a FB page – read the article.