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Meet Beagle Bailey & Putnam

January 10th, 2011 | Posted by Christine in SMB Marketing Blog - (0 Comments)

Howdee everyone my name is Bailey

My Dog Bailey

Well my full name is Chestnutland Pearl Bailey, and I have a kitty friend named Putnam.  We watch Mom work on the computer all day.

I look so cute and innocent, but I’m keeping my ears open.

Love Beagle Bailey ☺

P.S. – Here’s a picture of my friend Putnam


This weekend between watching football games, and shoveling snow, I updated my website(s).  Something occurred to me “hey updating websites feels like being on a diet.”  Diets feel tedious, and even monotonous, but it is also necessary for a healthy body.  My past NYR went the same way every year.  I start off strong, and have great results, but something happens.  After seeing some results I take my eye off the target. Then I step on the scale and nothing, or worse, weight gain.  YUCK!

The reason I saw this NYR analogy.  About a year ago I launched my first website.  I was a house on fire and I promoted the crap out of it.  I drove traffic to the website – my traffic rank was awesome.  Then I started to work on some other projects.  I wasn’t promoting and watching the website like I did in the beginning.  You can guess what happened – my traffic went away, and my hard work was gone.

Often people pay a website designer to put together a website, or do it themselves.  It’s expensive and time consuming, and they figure “glad that’s finally done…I’ll just check that off my to-do list.”  So it occurred to me…What happened to me with my past NYR could explain why a business owner doesn’t have a strong SEO or social marketing plan.   No time, no money, and a million other excuses.  Unfortunately a website will die of boredom and lack of visitors.

So let’s fix the problem with four “C” plan.

Content – face it, people like to be in the know.  You can add different types of content – video, audio, written, and social.  There are so many ways to keep your website interesting. You can add a little or a lot but you must remain…

Consistent – New content on a daily basis is ideal.  Weekly is a minimum requirement.  When a business owner doesn’t have time to add the content, hiring a social marketing assistant is a good alternative.

Comment – Give your audience a voice.  People love to voice an opinion, and the internet is a perfect place.  Frankly the internet is the best market research think tank available.  Use it to your advantage.

Competitive Intelligence -  This is an idea.  You can watch your competition in real time.  Using social marketing to watch your competition allows you time to mix and match your marketing strategy.

So I’ve changed my resolution this year.  I’ve decided to be consistent in achieving my small daily goals.  What is your internet marketing resolution?

I say raise a glass to 2011 social marketing.  Consider social marketing your “New Year’s Resolution.”  Visit me online at ( and subscribe to my email list.  Join my Facebook fan page (Lady In Red Marketing), and get social today.  Keep this moving forward – retweet – give me feedback – but get off the sidelines and get social!

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Bailey’s Blog – MILK

January 5th, 2011 | Posted by Christine in SMB Marketing Blog - (0 Comments)

I’m changing the formula for writing on the web -  forget AIDA I want you to think of MILK.

When you are creating your social marketing plan you need to stop, look and listen to your prospects/customers.  Think about who will be reading your blog.  What information and message do you want your writing to impress on the web public.

Here’s a big change for social marketing writers – if you have a background in direct marketing, scrap it.   Most copy writers know that AIDA formula – I propose for social marketing you need to think of the MILK formula.

M- stands for medium – Are you sharing your message through blog posts, video message, podcasts, opt-in newsletters, Facebook events?  Where does your customer live, work or look on line.

I – stands for iPhone – Think of the future.  So many people are accessing information via mobile technology make sure that you’re visible to the mobile public as well as your traditional blog readers.

L – stands for Length – Keep your message short and to the point.  Don’t write War and Peace emails/blogs.

K – stands for Keep it going – Encourage your readers to share your information. Make sure you have ways for people to share your message through every type of social media.

Next blog I’ll cover why a social media assistant is a key component to your marketing team.

Social marketing is a dog-eat-dog world…