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When you’ve spent money developing a marketing strategy you want results.

Don’t be frustrated if you have been getting luke-warm results – be happy.  You can get immediate results if you just systematically improve one item at a time.

Many business owners fall prey to a “smorgasbord marketing” attitude.  They go to the all you can eat buffet of sales and marketing tactics.  Then don’t test what is working – fail to track responses and settle for lower and lower responses.    Soon they are running out of money and do a little here, a little there.  Next step – out of desperation they use their website like a brochure.

Brand yourself with a personal touch.  What do you do better than your competition?  Stop being “all things to all people.”

Customers rarely buy products and services sight-unseen.  You need to take the next step and show your prospects your expertise in person.

Lady In Red Marketing is passionate about helping you build a rock solid marketing strategy.  You can creates exposure, traffic, sales and loyal customers with a targeted marketing campaign with landing pages, email marketing, telemarketing and customer service follow-up.

Ask yourself… how much revenue is lost if your competition snags one customer lead from the web?  You can actually measure that with this calculator How about one customer a month, or a day?  How much profit is being taken from your pocket because your marketing isn’t performing to the best of its ability?

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