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Content Research

Many prospective clients have questions… First, what is a content specialist?

Remember all that library research everyone hated in high school (or college)?  The endless hours in the library looking up references, reading books, and writing citations.   I’m the girl who loved hanging out in the library.   All those books made me giddy, and I love digging into reference materials.

Consider a content specialist as your personal librarian and researcher.  I conduct the legwork to identify content whether it is a single fact or several of for your written work.  Content research is especially helpful for copywriters, marketing managers and authors.

Second question… Why should I hire a content specialist to work on my project?

Frankly there are two MAJOR benefits when you hire a content research specialist – TIME & MONEY!

Productivity studies indicate writers spend an average of 14 hours researching facts. Based on salary survey’s writers earn between $30 – $100 per hour. Doing the math research time costs between 400-1400 dollars before the first sentence is ever written.

Now that you’re thinking about how much research costs you might be wondering…Who should hire a content research specialist?

  • Copywriters find utilizing research service completes a project sooner.   WOW the reader with great facts to move your prospect to action.
  • Authors find hiring a content research specialist allow them to complete their writing project in record time.  Research gives their writing iron-clad creditability in the eyes of your reader.
  • Marketing Managers love content research services .  Our service help them keep multiple writing projects moving forward, on-time and under budget.

What is Lady In Red research specialty?

Having grown up in a family of professionals (Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers) I’ve specialize in Psychology, Medical and Legal information.  My secret passion is Personal Development.  I’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in Internet Business helping them create e-mail and website pages.  My personal library has hundreds of books, and my library card is dog eared.  You won’t be disappointed using a content research service when you create your next control package, website or marketing materials.

Millions of references sources are available.   How many days are you spending researching resources looking for a quote, or statistic?  Do you personally have hours to spend visiting all those resources?

One idea is having our research team find information, facts, and data to turn-up the “WOW” factor in your audience’s mind.  Bonus…you focus your time on writing great copy, rather than surfing the web.  Maybe you need a picture to express your point visually.  You decide what facts you need – we do the foot work.

Research specialties:

  • Medical, Psychiatric and Dental Information
  • Personal Growth and Development Information
  • Alternative Medicine & Fitness
  • Medical & Scientific Instruments
  • Alternative Energy Information
  • Automobile & Aviation

Remember people are receiving thousands of marketing messages.  How are you going to stand above the din to be noticed?  Our job is to find cool facts you need to write great marketing copy. Call today (203-930-8185) or for faster service fill out our contact form – we will contact you promptly.