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What do you do when you lose it all?

December 27th, 2011 | Posted by Christine in Motivational Thoughts

Hey fellow blog readers…

What do you do when you lose it all?  Recently I was thinking that exact thought when I had an electronics meltdown.  My crackberry, computer and email program decided it was time for a permanent vacation.  That’s right we’re talking Chernobyl meltdown.  A permanent loss of all information – then I began to think about loss and gains.

Was a terrible loss that I lost old emails?  Well on one level yes it was awful, but it helped me focus on what I needed to recover.  The rest of my archive was garbage anyway.  I was able to recover my contact list (thankfully), but more that I looked at it, the more I realized we all moved forward.  How often did I contact people?  Not enough…

Losing my notes for the book and mompreneur project was sad and very challenging.  But maybe those notes were just a real first draft?  Maybe I needed to take a new look at things?  Who knows how the universe works – I just know that it does things at the right time, for the right reasons.

So my goal this year is only focus on important things. Plus I learned – backup and backup often.

I’ve set some time to read a couple of cool motivation books each and every month.  I went back to my roles and goals and pared down my to-do list.  I’m living in the moment, but I’m also planning for the future.

I wish everyone a success filled 2012.  May you get everything you need to enjoy your future.  Forget focusing on the past and I’ll talk again next year.

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